VR Lunchbox - Dev 4 Model (Prodigy)

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The VR Lunchbox is our smallest Virtual Reality mini computer made of the highest quality parts and provided by the Chronos Global Academy.

Dimensions are 10" x 10" x 6.75".
It weights 6 pounds.

Durable case uses no screws and is made of high-quality anodized aluminum (black) and it has a handle for easy carrying.


Intel Core i7-6700K Quad-Core 4.0 GHz processor
Samsung SSD 850 EVO with 2-Terabyte capacity
Additional 4-Terabyte 5400 RPM Hard Drive
32 GB DDR4 SDRAM 3200
Gigabyte GeForce GTX1070 Gaming - 8 GB of RAM
Silent Power Supply

We can provided updated specs that are unique to you. Contact us for details and special pricing.

Comes with a 1-year limited warranty.